Turtle Screen Cleaner

When I saw this turtle screen cleaner on Pinterest, I knew I had to make one for Radar.  He loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the ones from the 90’s, not the scary ones today), and uses his tablet daily, so I know it gets dirty.  I’ve never made a hexagon, so this was a new experience for me.  I don’t think I’ll be making scads of them like some other quilters do, but it was fun to make 2 of them for this cute little guy.


  • Turtle screen cleaner pattern (credit: wildolive.blogspot.com)
  • Green felt
  • Cotton for shell
  • Microfiber or fleece for belly
  • Quilt batting for “stuffing”
  • Embroidery thread

Cut out the pattern from the pdf file linked above.  Pin the body shape onto the green felt and cut it out.


Radar likes Mikey, so I added an orange headband (done with puffy paint)

Pin the hexagon pattern onto the quilt batting and cut it out.  Then pin the quilt batting you just cut out onto the cotton you want to use for the shell, and cut out about 3/8″ away from the edges (doesn’t need to be perfect, but it’s easier if you err on the side of more fabric).  Leave the batting pinned to the cotton.  Now pin the hexagon pattern to the microfiber material and cut out your hexagon again with 3/8″ extra on the edges; again, leave the pattern pinned to the microfiber.  Using the quilt batting or the paper pattern as a guideline, hold down and secure each corner of the hexagon for the cotton shell and the microfiber belly (if you’ve never sewn a hexagon, check out Wild Olive’s tutorial here, it has great pictures – it’s how I learned!).  The batting will stay in the shell, but remove the paper pattern from the belly.

Turtle Belly

Here’s my turtle belly. I just used a microfiber cloth from the optical department at Walmart – I’ll be able to make another from this piece.

Turtle Back

Aaaand my turtle shell

 Lastly, sandwich the body between the shell and belly hexagons.  Pin in place, and use embroidery floss to stitch around the edge.  The photos below show how to hide the ends of your threads.


Left: Pin your turtle sandwich together. Center: Knot your thread to start, and tuck it between the layers. Right: After your last stitch, knot the thread, then poke the needle between the layers and out the back or the belly; clip the thread to hide the tail.

And that’s it!  You’ve made a cute little turtle to keep someone company while they use their electronics.  This is an easy, half-hour project that doesn’t require a sewing machine, or even any great skill!

Finished Turtle

Mikey is ready to go to Japan to live with Radar!



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