Fox Applique Mini Pillow

I follow Patchwork Posse on facebook, and she always has such clever patterns and ideas!  When I saw her “What Does a Fox Say” applique, though, I knew it was just the gift for my secret fox!  Rather than a theme from the song, though, I chose to use just the fox face and add NFLAMF, which stands for the first letters in our squadron’s motto (in royal blue, which is the squadron’s color).  I stuck with the idea of a little pillow, so she can use it if she does any traveling during deployment.


  • Fox template (credit:
  • 2 13″x17″ pieces of cotton, with light iron-on interfacing already attached
  • 2 2″x5″ pieces of the same cotton, without interfacing
  • Small pieces of cotton for fox’s face (I used white and pink) and other details, like the letters and nose
  • Heat N Bond Lite
  • Zipper at least 14″ long
  • Coordinating thread
  • 12″x16″ small pillow (I got mine at Walmart)

Trace the fox template onto the paper side of the Heat N Bond (don’t forget to reverse one of the cheek pieces).  Iron onto desired fabric and cut out.  Remove paper and iron onto one of the 13″x17″ rectangles (be sure to put the ears on the bottom layer).  Repeat for any letters or words you want to add (remember, you need to use the mirror image; look at my applique tutorial for a reminder of how to do this).  Applique around the edges using coordinating thread.  Mark the eyes on your pillow case and stitch.

Fox Face

Left: All pieces have been ironed on (the fabric is just wet… long story; also the reason the design looks puckered in future photos). Right: I found it easiest to mark 3 points for the eyes and draw a curve.

Once you’ve completed the front of the pillow case, it’s time to start putting it together.  Iron the two 2″x5″ pieces of cotton in half, then fold 1/4″ of each end in; see picture below.


Front of pillow case, back of pillow case, zipper, and 2 2″x5″ pieces of cotton (one open and one folded up to show creases)

First you’ll prepare and attach your zipper.  Pin one of the 2″x5″ pieces on the open end of the zipper, being sure that all metal is well away from the edge so you don’t catch it with your needle.  Trim your zipper about 13″ along, and pin the other 2″x5″ piece 12″ down from the first piece.  Sew two ends in place with a scant 1/4″ seam allowance.  Then, with the front piece of the pillow case good side (or fox side) up and up-side down (so you’re sewing on the bottom of the front), line the zipper up good side down and stitch about 1/4″ from the zipper teeth using your zipper foot.  It’s easiest to raise your presser foot and move the pull out of the way to where you’ve already sewn as you approach it.  Then fold the zipper open and topstitch a scant 1/4″ from the seam attaching the front of the pillowcase and the zipper.  Repeat with the back of the pillowcase, lining up the sides of the front and back.


Top: Pin the 2″x5″ pieces to the zipper ends and secure in place. Bottom: Attach the zipper to the pillow case.

Once the zipper in installed, this is what you end up with:


You’re almost done!

OPEN THE ZIPPER HALFWAY (I speak from experience), fold the pillow case along the zipper right sides together, and stitch around the remaining 3 edges with 1/4″ seam allowance.  Turn right side out and put the pillow in its new case!


Ready for sweet dreams of her hubby!


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