Happy Birthday Peach!

Today, my little Peach turns 1!  I thought that Monster’s first year went quickly, but it was nothing compared to hers.  She has learned so much so quickly in her attempt to keep up with her big brother.  Here is a list of all the things she can do already:

  • Walking – first independent steps at 9 months(!), walking consistently at about 10 months
  • Words: Dada (her very favorite), Mama
  • Loves giving kisses
  • Hates bananas
  • Starting to learn to climb, but clever about getting down without falling

The one thing she’s done slower than Monster is getting teeth!  He got his first at 8 months and had 12 teeth on his first birthday (I’m not exaggerating here), but she’s still just got the first 4, which she loves to show off!  I guess her hair is a little slower than his too haha!


She also loves peanut butter… and some of it even makes it into her mouth.

A friend of mine was so sweet and sent Peach a package for her birthday (they’re birthday “twins” on August 29th) that had a gorgeous quilt for her!  I love the fabric, it has yellow giraffes, pink rhinos and orange elephants, and she used a decorative stitch on the binding that just adds such a nice touch.


Gorgeous girl on a gorgeous quilt!

She also included a little gifty for me, a few different varieties of Heat N Bond that I haven’t used before – be on the lookout for me giving them a try in future posts!  You can check out her blog here – she does a lot of recipes and sewing, too!


I normally use the Lite (on the left), but I’ve never tried the regular and I’m super excited about the Ultrahold!

On a more serious note, my grandmother who was battling pancreatic cancer passed away on August 3rd.  Today is the memorial service, so I’m in Arizona with the family while the kids hang out with Radar’s parents.

Nana and Zaidy actually happened to be passing through Jacksonville a year ago when Peach was born, and got to hold her even before Grammy (my mom)!


Nana was talking – what she was most known for 😛

I’ll get back to tutorials and recipes and fun stuff with my next post.  I’ll close today with a big happy birthday to my little girl, and a rest in peace, Nana.


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