Easier Quiet Book, Part 1

On my trip to Arizona with the kids back in July, I was sitting next to 2 other moms with kids around the same age, and they ooh’ed and aah’ed when I pulled out the quiet book I made for Peach and Monster.  But they both said the same thing – they have some sewing skills, but could never make something that intricate.  That’s when the lightbulb went off over my head.  I needed to make a tutorial for someone who isn’t big into applique and doesn’t feel as confident sewing the thick binding the way I suggested before.  So I’ve made yet another quiet book, this one requiring only straight stitching and a much easier binding method.  As a bonus, you can add more pages to this one!  I’ll also be breaking it up into easier-to-chew chunks, with 3 posts showcasing 2 pages each and a 4th to show my new (brilliant) binding method.

To start off, I made a parachute buckle page like I did before.  But this time instead of making my own holders for the buckles, I used some nice ribbon to make it easier!  I also included a matching page again, but made it a little simpler for the less experienced sewer.

Parachute Buckle Page


  • 5 parachute buckles
  • 20 inches each of 5 ribbons, 1 kind for each buckle (consider width and color of buckles)
  • 9″x9″ square of fabric
  • 9″x9″ square of fusible batting
  • Coordinating thread

To start off, prepare your page by ironing the batting onto the wrong side of the fabric (follow the directions that came with the batting).  Then cut your ribbon into 10-inch segments.  Push each piece of ribbon through the desired buckle, and stitch back and forth several times near the buckle to secure in place.  Pin your buckles on your prepared book page in the desired locations and sew in place less than 1/4″ from the edge of the book.

Parachute Clips

Left: Ribbons and buckles assembled. Right: Finished page – don’t you love the multicolored zebra fabric?

Don’t worry about trimming the ribbon tails just yet – you can do that when you assemble the pages together.  That’s it for this page!  About as simple as it can get, no?

Matching Page


  • Cute print to use for matching characters
  • 30″ thin ribbon
  • 2 2″x7″ pieces of fusible interfacing
  • 6 1/2″x1/2″ pieces of felt
  • Heat N Bond Ultra
  • 3 sew-on snaps
  • 9″x9″ square fabric

To start, iron small pieces of Heat N Bond Ultra on the wrong side of 2 of each of the characters (follow the directions on the package).  Then, cut the characters out and iron onto the 9″x9″ fabric in a different order on the left and right.  On the back of the page, iron on the two strips of fusible interfacing; one should be just to the inside of the characters on the left, and the other should be right down the middle of the characters on the right.  The interfacing just serves to strengthen the fabric where it’s likely to get tugged on a lot – where we attach the ribbons and the snaps.

Next, stitch the male snaps onto the characters (I gave my animals belly buttons, but you can place them anywhere that makes sense), and the female snaps each onto a 1/2″x1/2″ felt square.  Then cut the ribbon into 3 10″ segments and stitch a piece of felt to the end of each.  Place a piece of felt with a ribbon and one with a snap together (snap facing out, ribbon facing in) and hand stitch around the outside; repeat for the other 2.

Attach the end of each ribbon right next to a character by sewing about an inch along the ribbon; backstitch several times to secure.  Be sure to go along, not across – the ribbon is so thin, you won’t get a good hold if you stitch perpendicular to it.  And that’s it!  You’ve created a cute and simple matching page.


Left: Interfacing placement on the back (left is right and vice versa since it’s the back). Center: Finished product with the two pieces it’s made of. Right: Completed matching page.

Stay tuned for the next two pages in a couple of days!  You can find Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 in the links.


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