Easier Quiet Book, Part 2

In Part 1, I posted tutorials for a parachute buckle page and a matching page.  This part will detail how to make a soccer maze and an iPhone in a pocket!  In my last quiet book tutorial I included a button maze, but saw this idea on Pinterest and though it was brilliant – so much easier for little fingers to manipulate something they can see!  Plus, the book is for my niece, who is half Albanian, so I knew soccer would be a hit.  For the back side of the page,  I simplified this idea to be just an iPhone in a jeans pocket.  Perfect for a kiddo growing up in today’s world!

Button Soccer Maze


  • Soccer Maze Pattern
  • 9″x9″ green square of fabric
  • White button, 3/4″-1″ diameter
  • White fabric scraps
  • Heat N Bond (any variety)
  • Green thread

Start by cutting out the pattern and tracing it onto the paper side of the Heat N Bond (don’t forget to trace 2 goal posts).  Follow the directions to iron onto your white fabric, and cut them out.  Next, turn your white button into a soccer ball using a fine point Sharpie – I practiced on paper first, and found hexagons were the easiest to draw (for an awesome tutorial, check out this link).  Then, fold your green fabric square in quarters and mark the center (where all the folds meet).  Open it up, place your white pieces in place (don’t forget to remove the paper backing) and iron on.

Soccer Parts

Place the green tulle square on top and sew less than 1/4″ around the whole edge, inserting the soccer ball button before you seal it up.  Sew along the outsides of the goal posts, and tuck the ball into one of the goals.  Line up the maze pattern with the edges and goal posts (green lines on the pattern), pin in place, and sew along the maze lines (marked in black).  Yes, you can sew right on top of the paper!  Then, just tear the paper off – the where the needle pierced the paper acts as perforation and the paper should come off relatively easily, revealing a perfect maze!

Soccer Maze

Left: Soccer field with tulle sewn on and button soccer ball inserted. Center: Pin the pattern on top. You can see I trapped the ball in the bottom goal with an extra pin to keep from hitting it with my machine. Right: Maze is sewn, now you just need to pull off the paper.

At the end of each line in the maze, pull the front thread to the back and tie a knot to secure – you don’t want the maze walls to come apart with play!  On the back side, pull on the loose thread, and you’ll see a little loop appear.  Use a pin to pull on this little loop, and you’ll pull the thread tail from the front.  Then just tie the two in a knot together to secure.  I also showed this method in my original applique post, but the picture below is better, I think.


Left: That’s the little loop you’re looking for. Right: When you pull the thread tail from the front, you will not lose any stitches, so don’t worry about that!

Jean Pocket with iPhone


  • Jean iPhone Pattern
  • Blue felt
  • Yellow thread, and coordinating thread
  • Felt, color of your choice for back of phone
  • Black cotton, for front of phone and Apple logo
  • Blue cotton, for phone screen
  • Heat N Bond Ultra
  • Thick fusible Pellon (the kind that’s almost like cardboard)
  • 10″ thin white ribbon
  • 9″x9″ blue cotton
  • 9″x9″ fusible batting
  • Puffy paints (optional)

Trace one phone pattern, the Apple logo, and the screen shape onto the paper side of the Heat N Bond Ultra.  Iron the phone pattern and Apple logo onto the black fabric, and the screen pattern onto the blue.  Cut felt and thick Pellon out using the phone pattern.  Line the ribbon up at the center of the bottom of the Pellon piece, with about 1.5″ on top of the phone.  Stitch along the ribbon along that 1.5″ to attach it (go parallel, not perpendicular – this is going to take a lot of stress!).  Iron the felt onto the fusible side of the Pellon, following the directions (be careful not to melt your felt).  Then iron the black fabric onto the other side of the Pellon, and add the details of the screen and Apple logo to complete the phone as pictured below.  Stitch around the outside of the phone to secure all 3 layers.


Left: All the phone pieces you need to cut (note ribbon attached to Pellon). Center: Screen side of phone completed. Right: Back side of phone completed.

Iron the fusible batting onto the 9″x9″ blue fabric to stabilize it.  Sew the free end of the iPhone “cord” to the blue fabric, about 1/3 of the way from the bottom and centered left to right.  Just like with the phone, attach it by sewing along the ribbon for about 1-1.5″, not perpendicular.  Cut out the jean pocket from felt, and add any embellishments you want.  I went for a simple pattern.  Then attach the pocket to the blue square, covering the end of the ribbon you sewed on.  Be sure to backstitch at the top of the pocket, it’s going to get pulled on!  If you feel like getting fancy, you can use some puffy paints to make the iPhone more realistic.

Assemble Phone

Left: Phone attached to page. Center: Finished phone in pocket. Right: I decided to have a little fun with the paint!

Stay tuned for the 3rd post, which will have tutorials for two more pages!  And finally, the 4th will describe a new, simpler way to put your quiet book together.


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