Showing Off

This post doesn’t have a tutorial, but I just wanted to show off a couple of things 🙂

As I mentioned before, Peach just celebrated her first birthday.  Her great-grandma (my paternal grandmother) is an incredible seamstress and has already made some gorgeous clothes for the kids, but I think this gift takes the cake.  My mom and I gave her a smocker for Christmas last year, and she made the most beautiful and perfect outfit for Peach!  She hand-sewed all the detail at the top – isn’t that incredible??  The bottoms are supposed to be capris, but they’re more like pants now, which means Peach will get to wear them for a while before she outgrows them!  Yay!

GGMa Smock

My happy girl loves to show off her teeth! I actually took the bottoms off in the right photo, to show it as a dress.

I also had a project commissioned last week as well.  A friend used to admire the diaper kit I had for Monster when he was a baby, and asked if I’d make her one to give to her sister, who is having a little girl.  I bought some fabric a while back just because it was pretty, and it was perfect for this project!  Funny story, I appliqued “ava” on it at first… should have double checked the name!  Luckily I sent my friend a picture before I put the changing pad together and she corrected me so I didn’t have to undo it.  I changed up my method on the diaper envelope a little, and like the outcome – instead of just stitching up the sides where it’s folded, I started in one corner and stitched around 3 sides (left, top, and right) to give it a more polished look.  I still backstitched at the top of the envelope sides, though, because it’s going to get some tugging.


I love the pink on pink polka dots and chevrons

More tutorials to come, I just wanted to brag a little in this post!



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