Lips Pouch

When I saw this pouch, I knew it would be the perfect gift for my niece’s birthday.  Crazy as it is, 2 of my nieces have the same birthday – and it’s the same day as mine!  Since I made the oldest a triangle bag for her birthday, I decided to make the two younger girls their own unique bags for their birthdays as well.  The original lips pouch uses a 7-inch zipper and is meant to go inside a purse, but I wanted this to be a more stand-alone bag, since she’s too young to carry a purse yet.  I also thought it would be cute to put words on the inside of the bag instead of just a darker red color, especially since this niece is known for her constant talking!  Also, since the bag is meant to be on its own, I added a strap to carry it.


  • Lips Pattern (credit: – enlarged on my printer)
  • 1/4 yard pink fabric
  • 1/4 yard word fabric (mine was actually Barbie, I just cut around the Barbie logos)
  • 9″ white sport zipper
  • Interfacing (optional)
  • Coordinating thread

My pink fabric was really thin and see-through, so I started by ironing some light-weight interfacing to the back so the words wouldn’t show through the outside; you can skip this step if your fabric is thicker.  Print out the pattern and cut out one of each shape from your outer (pink) fabric and inner (words) fabric.  Also, for the strap, cut a piece of pink fabric 12″x4″.


I flipped one of the pink pieces over to show my interfacing

Attach the zipper to the outer fabric by pinning the split pink lips right side down on the zipper; sew as close to the zipper as possible, then fold back and topstitch in place. Repeat for the other side of the lips, and open halfway.


Top: Pin the lips right side down on the zipper and stitch close to the zipper teeth before folding back and topstitching. Bottom: Be sure to open the zipper halfway before you sew the outer shell together!

Make the strap by ironing the 12″x4″ piece of fabric in half along the 12″ side, then open it up and fold the two edges in, like the photo below.  Stitch close to the edge along both sides to secure.


How the folds should look on the 12″ strap

Fold the strap in half, and line up the raw edges with the edge of the good side of the large pink lip piece.  Pin the large pink lip piece right sides together on the zipper front, and sew around the edges.  Be careful when you go over the zipper – you don’t want to hit that plastic with your machine, or crankiness will ensue!  Lift the needle and the presser foot to move the fabric and continue on the other side of the zipper.  Clip the edges of the lips (careful not to hit the seam you just sewed), and turn right side out through the zipper opening.


This is also a good time to trim the zipper ends

Create the lining of your pouch by first folding back the straight edges of the opening of the lining pieces.  Then pin them to the large lining lips piece, and stitch around the edge.  Clip the edge (not as important as the outer lips, since you won’t be turning it right side out), and insert into the outer shell.  Use a ladder stitch to attach the lining to the outer shell along the zipper; don’t put the lining too close to the zipper or it will catch!


Left: Attaching the lining. Right top: Lining put together. Right bottom: Stitch the edges of the lips back.

And you have completed your super cute lips pouch!  I know my niece will love it, and I’m sure someone you know will too!

Finished Lips

Isn’t that just too adorable?? I thought the words coming out of the mouth was just ingenious!


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