Simple Cinch Sack

As I mentioned in my last post, two of my nieces share my birthday.  I made my middle niece a cute little pouch shaped like lips, and I decided to make the youngest a cinch sack to carry all her things.  I got my inspiration from two places (here and here) and combined their tutorials to make my own design.  I chose to use paracord for the strings because it’s sturdy, you can melt the ends to keep them from fraying, and Walmart has all sorts of colors for a very reasonable price.  I liked the idea of using ribbon to hold the strings at the bottom, since it can be sewn to the bag more easily than the strings – and it’s going to take a lot of stress from the soon-to-be 8-year-old!  It took me less than an hour to put together, so if you’ve never made a bag before, this design is a super simple starting point!


  • 2 13″x15″ pieces of fabric (can be the same or different; adjust larger or smaller depending on the size of kid using it)
  • About 100″ of paracord
  • 6″ of coordinating ribbon
  • Coordinating thread

“Ingredients” for this project

Fold the top edge (short edge) of one of the pieces of fabric over 3/8″ onto the wrong side and press; fold again another 3/8″ and press again – this will make the casing for the paracord later.  Repeat on the other piece of fabric, and pin them in place.  Cut the 6″ piece of ribbon in half; fold each piece in half and pin on the good side of one of the pieces of fabric, towards the bottom (think about where you want the bottoms of the straps to sit).  Then place the two pieces of fabric right sides together and sew around the 3 raw edges (1/4″ seam allowance), stopping before you hit the folded upper edge.  If you want, you can backstitch at the ribbons to make them stronger.  At the top, unroll the top edge and press back 1/4″ to match the seam, and stitch in place.  Repeat on all 4 edges.  Then refold the casing and sew across the bottom of the folded section a scant 1/4″ to hold the casing in place.  Don’t forget to backstitch at either end to keep it secure!

Top Assembly

Left: Top edges folded and pinned, ribbons inserted towards the bottom, and ready to be stitched around the 3 edges. Center: Fold back 1/4″ to make the end of the casing. Right: Stitch down the casing.

Use a safety pin to thread the paracord through one of the casings, down through the ribbon, back up through the other casing, and down through the 2nd ribbon.  Pull as much as desired, then cut it, melt the ends, and stitch them together to create a continuous loop.


It’s not pretty, but it will get the job done!

And you’re done!  I threaded the cord back through, so the part where I attached the ends is in the middle of the casing so it wouldn’t show.

Finished Cinch

I love the wavy striped fabric, it’s whimsical without being baby-ish

I think my youngest niece will like this bag, whether it’s for carrying toys or even sports gear to and from the field!


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